Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who's the teacher?

This week I picked up a teaching an art project in a local elementary school. It's only a two week project with me visiting the class on four short occasions, but I have to say I think I've fallen in love with the children there.

It's a small class, built to help the kids with the struggles they face and a high ratio of teachers and aids to support the class environment. The calm and organized class has made a huge impression on me, but I have to say most impressive of all have been the kids themselves - they have been fantastic.

The other day I was greeted by a little guy as I came in the door on my second visit. He wrapped his arms around me, smiled and hugged me tight for what seemed to be a minute or two. I was taken a little by surprise by his affection, but smiled and gently received his hug. He was beaming when he looked up at me.

He said, " I've missed you so much. Thank you for coming to my room and teaching me art."

I'd only been there one day before, but he was not shy to show his appreciation that I had returned to read a book and work on some drawings with the group. His overwhelming happiness was unexpected, but totally wonderful to receive.

I may be the one helping them work on this project, but I think the students are the ones that teach me the most. In fact, I think he was the one who was teaching me how to be a better human being the other morning. For him and all the kids who teach me, I'm thankful.

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Mel said...

Aren't kiddos GREAT! :-)