Saturday, May 23, 2009

Idealistic love?

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Love as action is something that needs to begin in the heart. Sometimes in my on the go tendencies, it is hard for me to stop and contemplate things before I jump in to action. My husband on the other hand is great at being thoughtful and contemplative. I honestly think the difference in how Ian and I process things is one reason we make such a good team. We balance each other out. Over the last 30 days or so, we and a group of online friends have been reading and digesting "40 Days living the Jesus Creed" in community.

On Day 30 of the book the topic was titled "Love is...". This quote on page 153 really nailed things for me.

"Real love, the love for your neighbor that the Jesus Creed teaches, is what happens between two or more people in concrete reality. That is why what Paul says is so important: "Love is patient (with others);love is kind (to others); love is not envious (of others) or boastful (in front of others) or arrogant ( in the face of others) or rude ( to others)" These are virtues needed in the ordinary details of ordinary life." (McKnight, pg 153)

I'm a self-admitted idealist. When the picture of perfection does not come to fruition, I get upset - off center - and find myself seeking comfort and balance.

Real life does not often fit my perfect ideal or expectations...yet in difficulty, in challenge, and in conflict; love plugged into life will make a way.

In the off-center, unideal reality of life, holding on to love working in the midst of uncertainty is the lesson this idealistic extrovert is trying to learn.

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Love, plugged into life, will make a way.

Amen to that!