Monday, May 18, 2009

SWB: Life without the bread makes a lousy sandwich

Even though I'm posting late on Monday, it is still Sleeping with Bread Day. SWB day is the day that I look over the past week of living and access the moments and things that both took away from and gave me life throughout the week.

For the sake of the hour I'm writing today, I'd prefer to simplify with a list (and some explanations) of the -'s and +'s of the last seven days. Hmmm... +'s and -'s. Sounds like the idea for a start of a song.
Maybe so.

- I did a terrible job of working out my work schedule for the last month or so. I added too many extra events (my own fault)and realized very early in the week that it was catching up to me. Why do I insist in filling time so much, or penciling in things without taking into account the investment: personal, physical, timely, and emotional that doing that results in? I need to work on this.

+ I'm so thankful for two volunteers that have come aboard to help me with the youth work at my church. It's wonderful to have the hands to help, the ears to listen, and the voice that help to teach the students and me as well.

+ I made some adjustments to my plans in the next week or so and I'm happy to say that I will be taking my first long weekend off in about eight months or so. It will be good to have the break after running in so many directions recently.

- It has been hard for me to think about, but grief over the passing of a my friend last November keeps sneaking up on me. I keep wondering if I made the most of the times we talked.

+ Knowing that I'm not alone in this sadness helps. Sunday was (although I was not aware of it consciously at the time) the six month anniversary of his passing. I stopped on a whim (or what I thought was one) to say hello to a common friend we had and he later sent me a text message stating that that day was the anniversary date. I had goose bumps on reading that message.

- Sometimes I don't follow my gut like I should. I try to shrug it off or just get to busy to respond to those nudges and prompts to take this or that action.

+But I'm glad that I did and went to visit that other friend. He needed to know someone cared and I needed to show some care in the midst of my own sadness.
Things work out well when I listen to those 'holy nudges', as I call them.

Why do these moments of synchronicity still surprise me after all these years?

Synchronicity helps to make a way even in the crummy moments and points to bread that sustains. Only, I need the eyes to see and the ears to hear those prompts towards synchronicity.

Give me the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Give me the brave heart to take the steps that need to be taken and when to goose bump moments come; let me soak every single chill and bump in. I don't want to miss a one.

+ Free bear hugs

+ Unity art

+ Kids that shout, giggle and help you with a community clean up project

+ Sunshine, blue sky and green trees on a Monday.
+ Email messages that make you tear up with joy.
+ Coming to a solution of a problem.
+ Spending a few hours at the park on a sunny afternoon.

+ Sharing an ice cream sundae with your best friend.
+ Joy, love, peace, patience, kindness and so much more.

This is my week of bread, the crumbs, the slices, the whole loaf.
Life wouldn't be much of a sandwich without the bread would it?
Thank God for the bread.


ashley said...

Lots of +s there. I've never used the word synchonicity but I certainly identify with it. I usually think of it as my guardian angel tapping me on the shoulder.
Have a great week and enjoy your long weekend!

dianne said...

Liked the simple +/- list here. Like that word too - synchronicity! I couldn't get my thoughts together but am enjoying reading some others.

Mel said...'s the whole loaf.

G-d takes very good care of you. :-)

Blessings to you and yours.

Lamont said...

Some days I need to break things down to - and +. These symbols have a way of cutting to the chase.