Saturday, June 27, 2009

Music notes

This Friday and next Friday I have opportunities to play some of my music, and haven't had that chance for a while.

Tonight I played a Buskers Festival (street musician fest), to benefit Family Services the counseling agency that my husband works for. It was a good time where I saw some old friends from Warren PA, where I used to work, and received some very kind comments from the folks who listened to part of my set at 5:30 to 6:30. One lady even said my voice reminded her of Lisa Loeb - and she is her favorite. I suppose you can't get a better comment than that. One man, who I hadn't seen in years, now runs a local music production company and asked if I'd like to come and perform at one of their upcoming events. One other gentleman was listening to my ballad, "I need to know your here." and shouted at the end..."I'm here for you Tara!"

What makes this really funny is he is one of the counselors at Family Services. Nice to know his empathy extends even to street musicians, you know? The event's purpose was to show case the positive benefits of listening and performing music can have upon a person. It is true that music helps to boost my spirits. I'm so glad Family Services recognizes this too! All in all, it was a very encouraging night which makes me look forward to next Friday all the more.

Next Friday July 3rd,a new Christian Coffehouse is opening in Warren PA and it is called "The Crossing". My friend Rich Schuler and I will be performing a short set around 5:30pm to help celebrate the event. It looks to be an evening full of a wide variety of music styles: singer-songwriter, rock, fusion, and even a little indie folk afro-beat for good measure.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop in a say hello at the Crossing. It is on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Hickory Street in Warren PA.

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