Tuesday, June 02, 2009

NPR Chats up the 'Junky Car Club'

Last December NPR did a news piece on the 'Junky Car Club'. This club is comprised of folks choose to drive slightly to seriously old, not so tricked out humble cars so that they are able to give more of their income to humanitarian charities like Compassion, World Vision, Food for the Poor and so on.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to consider buying a newer car or repairing my 1993 Buick, and after the dealer tempted me with a shiny red grad am with a moon roof, I opted to repair and keep my almost-antique. Part of this was to avoid the monthly payments and the other aspect was trying to better balance wants in contrast to my needs. It made me smile to come across an organization that celebrates trying to live more simply by modifying our own needs, so that we can being to better care for others.

Thanks 'Junky Car Club' for encouraging drivers to choose a humbler form of transportation so that those in need can be lifted up.

Join the club!

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