Monday, June 29, 2009

SWB: Summer 09 wish list

In the last week or so, I've become more and more aware for the need to unplug from a hurried pace. As weird as it may sound, my life is getting busier as summer arrived. Sleeping with bread, my Monday examen, gives me the time to take a much needed look at the last week's events in order to see what give and depletes me of life. Before the summer gets away from me, I know there are some priorities that need to be set for the summer weeks ahead.

I suppose some of this feeling of hurry is related to my kids being released from school day schedule and commitments, while I on the other hand, still have my occupational ones plugging along. It will be necessary to have a week or so of setting into the new looser schedule for the kids, while I try to maintain my commitment of work and the recent addition of exercise to my work day. Many a summer before, I would hang-up my work outs in light of the other opportunities that summer brought, but this time around - with my still busy work life - I really feel I need the outlet of exercise all the more! So here I am again in this place of seeking balance in life, work and rest.

Seasonal changes sometimes have this effect on me. These shifts make me feel a little off and wobbly, but I know that the best partner in this adjustment is flexibility. I think it is something kind of like "yogalates" for my heart and mind. After all adjustments to the new, you end up being stronger and more flexible.

In all this flex in work and rest, here are some things that I'd like to accomplish... or simply have the time to "be"in my wish list for this crazy hazy summer:

1>) Take a weeks vacation. For many summers, I've plowed through June, July and August and never taken any of my offered vacation. This summer, I need to find a week and commit to taking a week away from it all.

2>) Read a book a week or at least read for a 1/2 hour a day.
I've had a tenancy to spend to much time surfing the web or hanging out at Facebook waiting for status changes. This summer, I'd like to let go a bit on the tech tinkering and open more real books with real pages. I've got tons of them waiting on the shelf to be read!

3>) Allow so unstructured time for whatever I'd like to do: write, draw, play guitar, pray, take a walk...whatever. So often I fill every moment of the day with something, that I find myself getting frustrated by the pace of the clock. I need less jamming the clock with things to just fill it, and do things that help me to become more filled up instead.

4>) I tried a "Spinning" class last week and in spite of the sore tush for a few days, really enjoyed the class - so I'd like to continue to work on this. It is just one way to mix up the physical efforts I've been working on, so I don't get bored.

5>) Go to a beach and watch the water. Just because it's a lovely thing to do.

6>) Have a cook out with my family and a state park.
Because every summer needs cook outs and smores to be complete.

7>) Work on some of my songs and flesh out the music for them.
There are some neat lyrics sitting in my book.

8>) Finish the painting I started earlier this month. It is shaping up to be a nice piece and a want to get back to it.

9>) Spend a few days (of that vacation) in Pittsburgh
visiting some of the places that I always want to get to. The Mattress Factory, Squirrel Hill, Carson Street, the Strip Street Fair, and maybe the science center again for good measure.

10>) Blow bubbles - because they are one of the best parts of Summer!

Go ahead, make a summer wish list. Maybe you will get to all the wishes and maybe you won't, but you never will start to get to them if you don't know what your wishes are.


Mel said...

Oh, what a brilliant idea! (mostly cuz I'm one who gets to the end of the summer and ask myself where it went!)

Thank you.
....thinkin' I need to get out paper and give that wish list a 'go'.

Lamont said...

Glad to help...
now I need to set some plans to make my list to "do" and "be" come to reality!

Mary-LUE said...

That sounds like a great list, Tara! A really, really great list (well, except for the spin class!) I hope you are able to find as much margin as possible in your life.

To a great summer!

ashley said...

I was just creating a summer schedule/to-do-list today which is entirely contrary to your summer wish list concept. I even scheduled in fun. :-|
You are an inspiration. Good luck meeeting your goals.