Saturday, July 18, 2009

My daughter is Super Pretzel

After a tasty evening snack of Super Pretzels with my family, an amazing thing happened...
My daughter was instantly transformed in "Super Pretzel" herself! Was it the mustard? Was it the cream cheese? I'm not sure we'll ever know!

Super Pretzel emerges from her secret headquarters to fight crime in the City of Jamestown!

Super Pretzel feels strongly about her adopted planet earth. That is why she uses a recycled beach towel as her cape!

Super Pretzel is impervious to an attack by her evil Ninja brother!

Super Pretzel takes a hot-line call from the Chief of Police! (Being a conscientious crime fighter, she ALWAYS has her cell phone with her!)

Super Pretzel caught on camera as she goes "up, up and away!"

Super Pretzel shows off her mad fighting skills as she gives her evil Ninja brother some what-for!

Just a typical evening at the Eastman residence. :) Oh how we love super heroes!


Anonymous said...

looks like fun

Mel said...

Never a dull moment! LOL

(I'm suddenly hungry for a baked pretze...wonder why that is.) ;-)

Amanda said...

That's hilarious!