Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SWB: Lists

There are many days I never take the time to sit down and write a "to-do list", usually because I feel to busy to write it all down. Lists, like I said, are not ones I always take the time to write. Somehow, though when I do write them - I seem to spend less time feeling frantic and wondering - "What did I forget?" Somehow, on Monday I arrived at my day off with only a few obligations and had some time to do some much needed shopping for an upcoming trip to New Orleans and for my son's summer camp week.

The night before, I'd cleared off the kitchen counter and sorted the mail and found several things that needed to be attended to - so as I got ready for bed, I began to make a mental list of what had to happen in the morning so I could get all I needed done, well, done.

As I got up the next day I found my papers, wrote some checks, filled out some forms, sealed papers into the envelopes, and laid them on the counter to be mailed on my way to go shopping.

I had wanted to make a list of what I needed, but in my hurry I remembered the list from the camp itself and took it with me before I headed out the door. Before I entered the first store, I took a moment and wrote down some items that were not on the camp list. Then I searched and found the items I was looking for in not one, not two, but three different department stores before I wrapped up my hunting and gathering for the day.

At work, I've had two lists sitting on my desk for the last month. One is for overall youth work and the other a word document entitled as "Countdown to New Orleans!" Day by day and week by week, I've had the satisfaction of taking a thick black sharpie and crossing items off both these lists. One by one, I feel myself feeling calmer with each sharpie swipe.

I've been thinking on a larger scale of my life's lists. Like: what do I want to accomplish or enjoy this summer, what I'd like to do before I turn you-know-what in a year and a half, and so on.

I wonder what life, mine and yours, would look and feel and be, if only we took the time to truly know what we needed, write it down and live in a way to gather what we desire. There is so much more to this than making lists of things. The kind of listing I'm describing is the act of being more aware of one's life and the various physical, spiritual and mental needs we would find there. I think I may call it - a Holistic list - for starters.

In the last month, I've had to deal with some list items that I'd been putting off, out of my fear that there was no way to deal with them. On the other side of scratching these nagging items away, I'm feeling calmer and know its better, I'm better for having dealt with these items.

There are all kinds of lists: Work lists, packing lists, to do lists, what I want to do this summer lists... but this holistic list is one that has space for all aspects of life. A holistic list is one that can show you where you are, and where you really want to go.

That kind of calm direction is the kind of bread this baker could have much, much more of. Check, check, check.....


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Mel said...

But lists are good things for me. If I try to keep the list in this little brain, it gets huge and overwhelming. Somehow pulling it out of the brain and putting it to paper, gets it right sized, yaknow?

I do need to check more things off the lists though. *sigh*

What a little procrastinator. LOL Patio sitting sounds much more inviting....