Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holy Conversations: Want/ Need

The Holy Conversations question this week is:
What are some of the longings, desires and needs that have shaped your life? How has God used these desires, fulfilled these longings or responded to this need?
There are many needs in life that I feel God has been a part of bringing to pass: finding a husband who loves God and me, becoming the Mom of two amazing and healthy children, and finding a vocation in ministry that is both challenging and fulfilling.

I think for me, beyond these big three needs, God has had a way of working in and thought all aspects of my life and caring for my needs in very practical and loving ways.

As a young woman of 18 years old trying to make her way in the world, God provided a safe place for me to live, work to pay my bills and a "family" when at that time I was not in communication with my own.

I found a local church to be a part of, learn in and even became a member of the worship team where I was encouraged to use my musical gifts.

Over the years, from 18 to almost 40 now - I have seen God provide for mine and my families needs on what I think are a daily gift. When lay-offs came or funding was cut at the non-profit both my husband and I worked, jobs in our field were provided in the exact time-frame we needed.

I'm not saying that every wish and desire I've every had was provided to me from God, it's fair to say I and my family have had our share of challenges and need for creative thinking; but even in the midst of difficulty - God had made himself known to us.

God has worked through the kindness of neighbors, the gifts of strangers, and the presence of peace in times that were defiantly not peaceful. God has made a way at times that in my human nature would have been impossible to live through. There have been bad circumstances that God has redeemed for good in the end. Its in remembering all of this that I know God will continue in his way and time to continue to work and move in the current challenges and the ones yet to come.

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