Friday, March 19, 2010

The last day of winter

On this last "official" day of winter, Aggie and I are very happy to say farewell to cold winter mornings, layers and layers of winter gear, yak tracks and icy roads for our early morning treks.

We are also happy to greet the now tangible signs of spring: temps above the 30 degree mark prior to 7am, did I mention no more icy roads, and this lovely bunch of crocus that sprung up along my walk this week.

Can I dare say it - I think spring is finally here!
I've made it through my first running sometimes walking western NY winter. In April it will be two years since I started this process and journey of almost always daily exercise and jogging. It has been possible for me to get our the door with the help of my canine trainer coming to wake me up each day. Who would have thought that getting a dog from the Humane Society would be part of the key to becoming more active?

Now where did Aggie hide my shoes?


Anonymous said...

I'm ready for Spring too! Crocuses are popping up all over.

Sheri said...

Spring is def. on its way! I spent 7+ hrs doing yard work yesterday, and have to do prob the same today :( I'm achy all over!

Mel said...


k....I say this as it's snowing.....


Trade ya?

Lamont said...

So sorry for the snow - how can this be?