Friday, April 30, 2010

Community flash

The meals shared too many to count...
Just like T.S. Eliot - "My life is measured in coffee spoons." - or in my case, tea.
So much laughter, questions, nerves and chatter -
until we relax in the space of that moment and before we know it we become friends.

Then change moves in again like the breeze of a lake and pushes us to shift yet again.
To a new place, to a concept that we'd only hoped we'd start to understand and then with some discussion, some conflict and a listening ear and mind - our hearts grow larger.

We are community - growing again.

Then the cars were waiting, the trains and planes sighed with us as we boarded and headed back to where we came from - but we are not the same. We are changed, grown, challenged and loved in this community - this new family. I know we won't wait for the reunion to talk again because I already miss you.

Thank you for being my home away from home, thank you for being my tribe, thank you for being yourself and encouraging me to be myself too.

This flash of true community is the biggest parcel I'm taking home - knowing that there is still so much more yet to come.

T.L. Eastman April 2010


Mel said...

Funny that.
There's always room for more in my life--sounds like you found more! THAT--is a very cool thing.

Lamont said...

And now I'm missing it - being away from this community now makes be better understand how unique it is!