Saturday, May 01, 2010

Do you want to be a VIP? Nope, I'd rather be VID.

Image from AJM Networking.
When someone is a VIP they are bound to receive some wonderful treatment, adoration of fans, and world wide attention.

VIP's are treated special and are sometimes seen as "better than" the average person. After all they are very important people.

Right before Jesus ascension into heaven Jesus gives his followers a new commandment.

John 13:34"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Jesus could have given any instruction to his followers that day, but he choose to emphasize the primary and life-long importance of living a life of love. The love we have and share with the people around us is better than anything we could give or receive, even all those things a VIP might be likely to have.

To become a VID(Very Important Disciple), one needs to look first to the needs of others and go about the business of actively loving another person. A VID is more concerned with others than they are their own fame and benefit and somehow in the midst of all that loving, the disciple's own life is transformed into something beautiful.

A VID is important in that their acts of humility point back to Jesus who gave all he was for the benefit of humanity. It's not only Jesus words in John 13, but Jesus actions throughout the gospels that prompt us to seek to live a similar life.


God help me to be more concerned with the needs of others than to desire attention and praise for myself. I pray that through your grace you will help others to see Jesus living in my words and actions. Help me to be a VID - a very important disciple for you.


Mel said...

Very excellent post, ty.

One of those reminders to me about EGO, which WPIML reminded me longggg ago was E.dge G.-d O.ut.

Lamont said...

Thanks - this theme was my springboard for the kids message at church today. It was complete with VIP pins I found at a discount store and took a sharpie to the P and made into a 'D'.

The adults asked for the pin too. I think that is a good sign that the message connected.

Jeff said...

This is a good message, and reminder. Adults should hear it too!!!

Lamont said...

Thanks Jeff.. it was interesting on Sunday that the guest pastor interjected the 'VID' idea into his message after hearing this. :)

That was encouraging indeed.

Courtney T. said...

I just wanted you to know that this post came at an incredible time... I wanted to let someone know how awesome they are, and how they are the epitome of self-less and an incredible disciple. Thank you!

Lamont said...

Thanks be that God uses broken clay pots. I pray you are blessed as you share your affirmation with your friend. You are at VID too!