Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What fruit am I growing?

Image from Thompson and Morgan.
Spring is all around us. We see the trees budding, the daffodils are in full bloom and the tulips are just about ready to open their colors to the world. With all this growth and life bursting forth, you can't help to think of what other things might be coming to or already have come to the surface.

In my Sacred Space reading today, I was stopped by the question of reflection presented.

" Where do I sense hope, encouragement and growth in the last few months. What have been fruitful activities or occasions. How will I give those fruitful things the space and time needed to produce more fruit in the near future."

It's been a long winter, and due to that I think it's easy to think and stay in a place of frozen tundra spiritually, physically and intellectually. In the words of Ferris Beuller, "Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

I don't want to miss the fruit of life. It would be a shame to allow the sweet, lovely and life-giving things in life to be missed, simply because I'm too busy or to focused on the not-so-sweet things in life.

So today, I challenge you (and me) to think over the good and fruitful things in your life.

How have you grown? What joyful times have you shared with family and friends? When have you laughed so hard you could no longer breathe?

Let's share some fruit today and prove that spring has sprung not only in our yards, but in our lives as well!
Here's my start to spring fruit so far:

Having my Dad come out of surgery well and with humor: Nurse: "Where did you go on vacation last year Gary..." Gary: "Not the Pocono's!"

Playing scrabble with my husband and mother in law on a sunny Easter Sunday.

Learning from my son how to better play Mario Kart on the WII.

Running three miles on the first run of this week.

Getting started on spring cleaning.

Going shopping with my daughter and racing to buy her formal dress for prom before closing time.

Starting painting a mural in my daughter's room.

Almost wrapping up a mural I started working on at my kids' music school.

Sitting by the lake and asking God some big questions.

Seeing students starting to come to worship on Sunday's and having them love being there!

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