Saturday, June 05, 2010

Chasing fireflies

There are traces of light out there.
These lights are teasing me to make chase.

They bob, and flicker, and weave their way into my sideways glances.
I almost catch them, but when I turn to see them straight on - they disappear.

Some days, I think it would be good if they'd all gather together in one place.
Then I could see what was far down the path clearly , with the help of their glow.
But then again, I think half the fun of fireflies is the hide and seek dance they do.

With my jar in hand, I will go out into the field at sunset.
I will run.
I will seek.
I will be present in the place of their flickering light.
For a moment, I will hold them inside my mayonnaise jar
with holes punched in the lid.

Then, I will unscrew the lid, turn the glass upside down and patiently wait as the fireflies buzz away in a trail of on, off, on, off flickering light.

Fireflies are far much lovelier when they are free.

T.L. Eastman June 2010


Mel said...

Oh.....I saw my first one two nights ago and shrieked my delight!


Lamont said...

I saw one earlier this week and did the same. They are so lovely.