Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hitting the ground ---flying.

Image from blog Inadvertent Farmer.

When I was little I used to imaging the wind lifting me up just that little bit to make me run just a little faster. Sometimes if the wind would be blowing hard and I was running down a hill, so fast that my legs would fall into place - one after the other - that I thought that was what it was like to fly.

I so wanted to fly as a child.

Some days as an adult, I think I still want to fly - but my motivation is more on what or how much I can accomplish... not the free-flowing-abandon-filled-sprint-down-a-grass-covered-hill-and-not-caring-if-I-fall-in-the-mud-and-laugh-my-head-off.

I think that life may be filled with more wisdom if grow-ups took the time for flying lessons. I think our days would be much more lively and joyful too.

See you later gators, I'm off in search of a steep hill, and strong gust of wind and that little girl with pigtails I used to know so well. We're going hill flying for a while...

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Mel said...

...oh......luck you!
What a glorious day for flying. :-)