Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Amusement parks, Museums and BEARS oh my!

Nigel and friends from Cabin 1 at LCLC.

It seems impossible that it's already August. This month is very full of church related activities like: summer camp sessions, a youth pool party, VBS (Vacation Bible School), a community service project, a day trip to a local farm, planning for the upcoming fall schedule,and the church picnic.

Youth group members for the Waldameer trip.

My most favorite times this summer so far have been taking trips with my family to places like the Corning Museum of Glass, Waldameer Park and working on an outdoor mural (Pics to come soon)above the entrance of a local elementary school. As always there are a few more summer family activities I'd love to squeeze into this month, so we'll have to see how that goes.

My dog Aggie chilling with the cooler in the car.

However, there was a happening this last weekend that took me by total surprise!

Last Sunday, I was spending some time relaxing at my mother-in-laws home swimming and grilling. I took my dog out in the wooded area of the yard to do her business at the end of the evening and was startled by her sudden barking.

I turned to look in that general direction to see a bear standing up on its back feet about 15 feet from us. I bolted through the yard yelling, " BEAR IN YARD...GET INSIDE...NOT KIDDING!", as the bear ran after me and my dog. Thankfully, the back patio was not far away. I ran REALLY fast to get there and my family was paying attention to my yelling. I learned a few things to do in case of encountering a bear, so just in case you find yourself in the same situation I'd like to share them here. I was glad to know that most of my instincts were spot on when encountering a bear.

Wave your arms and make lots of noise. Apparently when you do this, black bears understand that you are a human and usually take off.

If you have a dog with you, keep it on a leash. Dogs will sometimes chase after a bear or draw their attention. A bear will think, "Oh wow I could catch (and eat) that smaller than me creature."

Bears have excellent eyesight and when they rise up on their back legs it's out of curiosity and not aggression. Signs that a bear is disturbed by your presence include: woofing, jaw chomping, swaying, laying ears back, and yawning.

For more information on Black Bears go to Denali National Park and Preserve's website.

So this summer, remember to take some time for fun and if you'd like to share your favorite summer event so far - please do so in the comment section below. Watch out for bears and ALWAYS wear shoes you can run in!

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