Saturday, August 07, 2010

A week of painting in pictures

This summer has been one where a great deal of painting (murals that is) going on. This first photo is an ongoing commission piece for Rogers Elementary School, that I'm working on privately with Renee Pye (a teaching artist in the Jamestown area.) There is some more detail, lettering and sealing to take place, but it's on it's way to being complete.

This second project is taking place at the Eastside Y in Jamestown NY. First Lutheran Church staff and youth worked alongside students and staff from the Eastside to create a puzzle piece pattern in the new logo colors for the Y.
The Y is currently revealing their new logo and shortened name and this local Y is jumping on board with the new look with this initial painting project.

When the puzzle pieces were completed, each student will have the opportunity to create their own "mini-mural" on their puzzle piece around the them of "How I can lift Jamestown."

Thanks to the Eastside Y, First Lutheran families and youth, the students, and grant funds that provided the money for the supplies to accomplish this project.

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