Thursday, October 07, 2010


Celebration by Keith Mallett found at "It's a black"

Today is a rather normal Thursday. I took my kids to school and then got ready to go on a long run. It's amazing that I can say the words "long run" and now be able to actually do it. For the last 2 1/2 years, I'm been on this journey of learning how to run for fitness and dare I say it - fun! This was not my perspective two years ago, but wow time has changed things.

Today I'm celebrating the fact that I went on a run and ran 5.1 miles! I know it may not be a marathon, but this is my longest distance run since I began this effort and I recall when running from telephone pole to telephone pole seemed impossible. I started this effort with the Couch to 5k online guide, did that several times, ran in a few 5k races and now I go out every morning to run and clear my head. It's a good thing so I'm going to celebrate it.

What do you have to celebrate today? Don't hesitate to find a small thing and enjoy it, make a party of it. Life is too short not to acknowledge all the little and big celebrations of life.

Go for it! Make a goal - and celebrate each telephone pole along the way. You have my support and permission, so

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