Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Thoughts on being a ripple stone

Image from the blog Woman of Worth.
In the last few weeks of working though the devotions in the back of the "Unbinding your heart", I've begun to be more freed up to pray for people throughout the day, make a phone call when that person keeps coming to mind, or drop off a surprise to someone because I feel I have something in particular that will bless them in some way.

I've had these kinds of 'holy promptings' in the past; but it's wonderful to have them be a current and present gift in my spiritual life. For a person like me, it's often so difficult to stop, sit still and pray. It's interesting that when I do stop, pray and listen to God; that he leads me to activity and action.

I'm thankful to God that my mode of operation is understood, and I hope as I grow in the ability to pause and pray; more of God's activity will be done in my own actions.

Maybe it's like being a stone that is tossed into a pond. The stone simply goes where the thrower tosses it, but the ripples go on forever.


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