Saturday, October 02, 2010

Trust Sunrise

There is a way to the place you long for,
even if you are unsure how to get there.
Just as your rise each morning to a new day
trusting that the sun will come up-
you also can trust me with your life.

There is hope for hopelessness,
abundance for need,
grace for maneuvering through obstacles,
and love; my love and the love of those I've surrounded you with -
shining all around you.

Relish in these blessings and follow me along the way.
From sunrise to sunset, you are loved.

Keep learning so that you can teach, and teaching so you can learn.

T.L. Eastman October 2010
( written at Women In Transition retreat/St. Benedict's Erie PA)
Image from White Wind Wildlife Society Webpage.

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Mel said...

Thank you.