Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Peregrinatio pro amore Dei

Peregrinatio pro amore Dei is Latin for the phrase - "Pilgrimage for the love of God". I was recently introduced to this phrase in the paper pilgrimage of Unnoticed neighbors by Erina K. Ludwig.

Unnoticed Neighbors Trailer from The House Studio on Vimeo.

The love of God is something grander that I can ever comprehend; yet I feel the call to share it in more and more practical ways. As followers of Jesus we are at times called to speak God's love to others, but it's imperative to never forget the quieter call to be the hands and feet of grace in the slice of world we happen to live. This life of grace can involve our voices and ears, but it's purpose is not for ourselves - its for the benefit of others. It's not just speaking, listening, doing or being quietly present - but a combination of all of these means structured in the grace of God that we are called to as Jesus-followers.

The pilgrimage may or may not take us to far away lands - but the call to love the land and people that live where we stand in this global community is deep and greatly needed.

It's not easy to see the final destination of our pilgrimage of faith, but the people along the path are standing right in front of us - if only we have the eyes to see those we've been leaving in the unseen lot next door.

May my whole self be on a pilgrimage for the love of God - wherever the path leads.

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