Sunday, September 25, 2011

Return that ___________?

As I was sitting in a restaurant flipping through a copy of a book I'm rereading for a book group; my friend leaned over and said..."Hey, who's Suzi and why do you have her book?".

I stared at the inscription by the author for a moment, totally perplexed as to why I was hold my friend Suzi's copy of the book in my hands. Then, the AHA moment came. A year and a half ago, (yes that long), I'd picked up a copy of " A Million Miles" by Donald Miller when he was on his book tour when it stop over at my church for a book salon. Susan Issacs was also on the tour with her book, "Angry Conversations with God." Thankfully, I did not forget to forward signed copies of her book - one oversight like this is plenty!

(Donald Miller and Susan Issacs were so kind to agree to taking a photo with me after their book readings.)

One of the main ideas discussed in Don's book is working through the action and intent in how one builds their "life story". Do I choose to meander through life, do I choose to attempt to squeeze every drop of living there is to be lived, and do I consider what kind of life story God would like to see me write and most importantly - live?

First things first, I'll be mailing Suzi's copy of "A million miles" off to her on Monday...thankfully she is a forgiving person! Secondly, I'll be rereading and chatting about the book with some dear friends of mine for the next month or so - that should be a interesting story in itself. Thirdly, I've been on a ongoing journey to discern direction in my own life story for a while now and I plan to become more intentional on the "living it out" part of the path.

I will get Suzi's book to her, but most importantly - I will return page by page, letter by letter to the true self God has called me to be.

By the way, your prayers are greatly appreciated for this journey.

Much love,

Questions for your participation in this post: Is there something or somewhere you need to return to? How do you imagine getting there and what needs to change in order for this to happen?

PS> I love to read your comments and will respond to them! Thanks.

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