Sunday, October 23, 2011


Farewell dear friend.
As you take this next step,
know that God goes with you on the journey.

This "rest stop" is a better one for having you spend some time here.
Your caring words, ways and challenge to keep growing - is one you exemplify in how you live.
Thank you for all you've given.

Growing edges need to be cultivated.
You have helped to cultivate the lives of many here
and so it is right and good that you move on to a new space.
This new space provides you with great room, sunlight, and rain - to grow.

Once upon a time I wrote this phrase,
" One question, is life about finding where you fit or fitting where you are?".
We all are searching for something.
Success, love, and purpose are the big ones.
But that feeling of fitting with a group of people,
no matter the location, can help to make the most of
the most challenging of circumstance.

Please know that as you take the next few steps,
that we are holding you and yours in our hearts.

This space is a place where you will always fit,
you always are welcome and where those present
will support you in the challenge and
cheer you on in the victories.

You will always fit in this space,
no matter where the road takes you.

Fare well on your journey,
as we will fare well in ours - with the help of God.

We will carry on in the effort of living in ways that point others to the love of God - as you showed us.
We will hold out hope, light, joy in persistence and against what would oppose it - as you showed us.
We will become walking rest stops for the weary and be found in all places - as you showed us.

The journey is never too hard, when we carry God's rest in our hearts.
Thank you for showing us the way.
This place is brighter for having had you with us.
We'll help to keep the lights on while you are away.

Farewell dear friend.
The Light is shining just ahead of where you are headed.
Your journey will fare well.

Copyright T.L. Eastman Oct. 2011

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Mel said...

What I'm thinking fitting as I send my boss off on an adventure he's called to do. What that adventure is, where that service is--yet to be revealed. But I trust G-d's greatness and the plan for his life.

I await in expectant joy.
I know goodness comes from this adventure. For all of us.

Tara Lamont said...

Mel - It' so good to hear from you. Blessing to you and your boss on each of your journeys!

Tara Lamont said...

PS> Mel - It's almost your favorite holiday. Four days and counting. What are you dressing as?