Friday, October 28, 2011

Tick-Tack-Treat Game

Supplies needed:
Foam core board
Color Paper
3 Bean bags
Three sets of 2nd chance questions.

Cover white/black foam board with color paper in three rows of three alternating colors.
Lay completed tick-tack-toe board on floor.
Stick candy lolly-pops into a pumpkin for a centerpiece.

Allow players to toss the bean bags in order to get 3 in a row.
If they win - allow them to choose a lolly-pop.
If they miss or would like to try for a second one, offer them the chance to answer a "Brain Teaser" question, Halloween trivia question or a "Do you dare" challenge.

If they get tick-tack-toe and the question they get two candies. If they get tick-tack-toe and choose to stop there they get one candy. If they get tick-tack-toe and miss the 2nd chance - they loose the first candy (double or nothing). If they miss tick-tack-toe but win the 2nd chance question they win one candy.

Hope you enjoy this all-age activity for your upcoming Halloween parties!

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