Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Yesvember to remember with gratefulness

Image November by Giovanni Pascoli found at blog Able Muse.

Some folk don't shave for the month of November.
Some try to focus on saying "Yes!" to life instead of "No!" for the whole month.
Others, being that Thanksgiving is a part of the month, focus on gratefulness for the month.

I've been in need of a November blogging muse, so I've decided to work in the vein of thankfulness and gratefulness. I need to do some upward, thankful, joyful musing. Would you like to join me?

So, thinking in this frame of mind, I'm thankful to have the space and time here at this blog, as well as those who pop by for a visit, and comment too!

Thanks to those who read, write, comment and take part in this month of gratitude.

PS. By the way, I won't be giving up shaving.
Gentlemen, have fun with that one!

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