Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Convo Prayers to blanket the week...

Convo is a Lutheran Youth Retreat that wraps around our annual Synod General Assemble each Spring. This year we will be reading and studying the "transfiguration" of Christ form the New Testament and the Exodus account in the Old Testament. The motto on our shirts is,
"The Lord leads us by day and by night."

Below are some prayer prompts to support our retreat and time of service this coming week. 
Would you please support us in prayer? 

Tuesday: God bless all who prepare, pack and travel to Rochester to lead our Synod's youth for Convo 2012. Give traveling mercies and restful nights in this busy time of preparation and training of staff.
Wednesday: It's a quick turn around from staff training to student's arriving for Convo. Bless Parents who support and transport youth and take extra measures to connect their youth to others that foster faith.
Thursday: God help our Convo family to bond close. Help us to supports, pray, play and care for each other as you intend. Help us to grow in our faith with each experience you give us!
Friday: As many travel to attend the Synod Assembly, help those voting and making leadership decisions for the ELCA in our area. Grant us wisdom and the courage to follow Jesus on each day of our journey.
Saturday: Just as we draw close as God's children, it is time for us to take steps back to our homes, schools, and churches. Help us to carry friendships and God's spirit with us wherever we go because,

"The Lord leads us by day and by night" Ex. 13:21 

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