Friday, August 24, 2012

Leaping abounds

There has been all kinds of leaping this week. Leaping out of the way of frustration, uncertainty, and even some leaping for joy. It's been a long leap in one particular area and now that
I can move forward, there's a residue of  learned impulse and looking over my shoulder to saying,
" Really, I can go now?"

One step at a time.
That is the only way to go.
Anne Lamot would say it would be best to take things, "Bird by bird."

That just might work.

Leaping via faith, with a flock of birds to carry me through the really long jumps.
That sounds like Holy Spirit kind of transportation.
By the way, HS - I really appreciate the ride.

Let's go for tour of some new territory.
We've got the go ahead.
Let's fly.

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