Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday thanks for the messy and the marvelous

Marking things and people I'm thankful for is a prayer practice that I've worked at off and on for years. Recently I've been reading the book 1000 Gifts (Which inspires the reader to live fully WHERE THEY ARE as well as live into an attitude of thankfulness.) and have started to write down some things I'm thankful for in a "Smash book". (For more info on what a smash book, watch the clip below.)

So here goes it for a few things from a late summer Sunday that I'm thankful for. (If you'd like to join in on this online "Smash page" feel free to post in the comments below) Thanks for reading - You're smashing yourself.

1. Singing and joking with my friends in the worship band.
2. Sharing "Herman" in my kid's message.
3. Surprise puppy that attended worship with it's owner.
4. Grey Grey
5. People who get what is important and encourage pursuing after it.
6. Passing the peace.
7. Car rides with my family, dog and bike in tow.
8. Having foot races with my nephew Eli. (and winning.:))
9. The ticking sound my bike makes when coasting down a hill with the wind blowing in my face.
10. Red velvet ice cream.
11. Red and orange sun rises.
12. Glasses of cold icy water after a long bike ride.
13. Scrabble, twizzlers and lots of belly laughs.
14. Grandma Janet
15. Girl talk.
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Mel said...

I came back for a second look.... I think I might need to do this! :-)