Thursday, May 29, 2014

Coffee Klatch

It's been a while, but the conversation is one of ease.
Not that what is discussed is always easy, but the foundation is secure.
This space lets us stand strong - even in hard times.

Spoons clink and words swirl to fill the air.
Ideas breathe new life into spaces that were dusty and dim.
Hands move to punctuate important points.

If someone didn't know us, they might think this was an argument.
But it's not.

This dance of words and movement of hands is how we stay connected.
This is how we "talk".

Like a pen scratching on paper or nails tapping on a keyboard -
we are getting our message across.

With coffee in cups in hand, we face life's challenges and hold on to laughter.
Our eyes flash with treasure of these memories and all the times we've taken to sit down at the table -
face to face - eye to eye

This is coffee klatch with a good friend.

T. Eastman  May 2014
Image found at: Jack and Friends

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