Friday, May 30, 2014

Unexpected ties

For Mel -

Unexpected ties

We try to walk the path alone.

The ties that bind us don't always seem to be a blessing.
These connections make us vulnerable to all kinds of impact.
Sometimes we are so wrapped up in ties that we can't budge.
But true ties that bind are not ones that make us captive, but hold us secure.
True bonds give a space for new life to be the ground we walk upon.

We should not walk the path alone
These ties are life lines - our rescue inhalers - and cool cups of water that make it possible to live.

Life-giving ties support and release us to travel to the scary growing edges, and take us to the places we are not sure we can get to.

We can’t walk the path alone.

Our tapestry of ties is not tidy or exact. There are snags here and knots there.
But this tapestry is a blanket that unexpectedly gives warmth to the chill of the autumn night, and just-right coolness in the balmy day.

Blessed be the ties that bind us to walking in newness of life, so we continue to take steps on the path where our feet have been placed.

We do not walk our path alone.                              

T. Eastman May 2013

It's been over five years that Miss Mel and I have been blogging buddies. She tends her blog, Mel's Dream, as a faithful gardener in all seasons - except her harvest is words. Thank you Mel for sharing living, loving ties.

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