Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Composition lessons

I can't remember when I learned about Nablopomo, but it can tell you that it has been a major means of encouragement in my regular writing habit. While it's hard to believe that I've been blogging for over fourteen years, I've been writing since I was in elementary school and was given a black and white speckled notebook in English class.

On the day I received my first composition book, I was thrilled. The pages were empty, the lines were straight and my pencil was sharp. What a beginning that was. 

Every day when I open my page (on paper or on my computer screen) to write, I don't always feel excited. Sometimes my pencil is not very sharp and my mind wanders for a while to have something read-worthy to write. There are days that life gets away from me and the regular writing time has to be used in other endeavors, but when I loose writing time I miss it. Writing has a way of re-centering my heart and mind - and  hopefully gives others a chance to catch their breath too.

We compose.
We erase.
We re-write.
Writing is a practice - I don't ever think it's perfect. 

Writing is like life and the Benedictine prayer that I hold close to my heart - 

Open the book and turn to an empty page. 
It's time to write AND begin again.

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