Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wheat free cooking lesson: Eggplant

One of the foods that I miss since I discovered a wheat sensitivity is breaded eggplant. It used to be my go to comfort food. A few weeks, I noticed an add for 4C Gluten Free bread crumbs and since I had two eggplants waiting in the fridge, it was time to give wheat-free breaded eggplant a try.
Here is how I made mine:

2 large eggplant
2 cups (approx.) 4C Seasoned Gluten free bread crumbs
4 eggs beaten
1 tablespoon Wegman's garlic seasoning (or Borsari)

Cut eggplant to desired thickness (the thinner the crisper it will finish).
Dip slices into egg and seasoning mix and then drop to coat in GF crumbs.

You can cook the coated eggplant two ways - on the stove top or baked in the oven.

If you cook on stove top, be sure to keep the temperature even and to you use a lid for your pan to hold heat in. Do NOT cook on high as the crumbs will burn before the eggplant is cooked through.

If you bake the eggplant (my preference), preheat oven to 350-375 and bake for about 25 minutes flipping the eggplant as one side browns.

The eggplant can be served solo or with your choice of sauce.
If you would like to try another way to coat the eggplant, I've used oat bran in the past as well, but this is a nice way to enjoy a "bread-like" treat when bread is something you are limited from eating.

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