Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Light lessons

There are times in life that require some pause.
There is news that hits too close to home.
There is a darkness that does it's best to remove all memory we have of the light.

Today was one of those days.
With the death of a mentor and friend and terrible news concerning a colleague's family member...
there is too much darkness.

In the midst of the darkness, we lit candles, we sang hymns, we anointed heads with oil and laid hands on in a time of prayer and healing.
Today was dark, but the darkness does not have the last word.
The sun will rise.
Hope is hiding around the corner.
The light is coming - and this light is the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ -
who knows suffering 
and continues to walk with us.

Thanks be to God...

Rest in peace dear Phyllis - I would never have stepped onto this path without your faith in me. 

Photo Credit: Teresa Hooper

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