Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Teamwork lessons

Photo of Pastor Becca Erlich, ELCA Bishop Elizabeth Eaton and your's truly - Vicar Tara Eastman at the conclusion of  today's Eucharist service at Notre Dame Retreat Center. 

Two days.
Five worship services.
One hundred people assembled - vicars, pastors, rostered leaders, and a few Bishops.
Meals, games, free-time, heart to hearts.
Sorrows shared, prayers prayed and songs sung in four part harmony.
This kind of effort takes teamwork - as well as the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Tonight I'm tired, but thankful.
For I had this time, with these amazing people.

It is an honor to be asked to lead in this space, but this space is one made better because we all took part and shared in the call to worship God and serve our neighbor.

This team included me - 
thank you for extending your community to me too.
All are welcome.

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