Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas shopping and pet shops

I went Christmas shopping today. I traveled to Erie, PA in hopes of wrapping up my holiday wish lists and for the most part I think I've covered it.

Most of the day was spent with my daughter Heather, her friend Kassie and our buddy Liz - she even offered to drive since she had the only car with four wheel drive. So I had the opportunity to sit back and be the passenger. How nice.

Lattes, Americano's and coffee freezers kept us fueled through our three-hour marathon shopping leg at Target, then linner at Panera's, Wegman's and then the mall. Our last stop of the day was the mall pet store where Liz fell in love with an English bulldog. I learned that they have financing for the pet store. Financing is necessary when you find out the pup your holding is more expensive than what I paid for my first car! The store was asking $3900.00 for the caramel ball of puppy fun. Liz wanted to take "Olive" home ... but we left her at the store for the next millionaire to buy.

We got home at 11pm tonight and I can't recall the last time I spent a day with my girlfriends wandering around the mall. It was a nice break from the busy work and holiday season coming over the next week and a half that seems somewhat non-stop. Unplugging on Saturday was the best day. Thanks ladies for taking the trip.
Merry Christmas!
Now what I really want to know is, when is the next girls day trip?

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Mary-LUE said...

That sounds like a lovely day! (And I know what you mean about the puppy financing! It's crazy!)

How's NaBloPoMo December going for you?