Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday night revisited

I recall the days of waiting anxiously for Friday night to arrive. I'd hang out with friends until all hours of the morning, drinking too much coffee ( really coffee!), eating diner food way to late and not being old enough to feel the effects of it. We'd go to shows of unknown musicians - now that would be called "Indy".

Tonight after leaving my office I had the Friday butterflies in my stomach. I picked up my kids, dropped one off at a birthday party and took the other to the grocery store to pick up pizza and supplies for baking this weekend. We got home, cleared the table and all sat down with our white pizza, chips and soda and soaked in the Friday of the night.

There may not be a show this weekend or a night out with friends till dawn.
More importantly, for 48 hours there are no long meetings or counting of work hours.

It is Friday night. :)
Thank God it's Friday.

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Sheri said...

That pizza looks yummy! Where did you get it from?

Mary-LUE said...

Fridays have a definite feel to them. Even without having a (out of the home) job, I like Fridays.