Monday, April 06, 2009

Coasting with bread

This last week and weekend were filled with lots of activity and people I love and care for. I'm one of those folks who feels most alive and tuned in in the midst of planning and wrapping up of big (or what I think is big) events/opportunities.

Once I realized that all along what I'd been thinking was nervousness was actually excitement, I felt the ability to relax a bit more and just enjoy the adrenalin rush of seeing something come all together. The other side of that is though, that after its all said and done. I feel a bit sad.

Yes, I know that one can't live on the cusp of adrenalin everyday - that would be madness! But it's good to know why I feel the way I feel sometimes. Maybe, just maybe this insight will be helpful to someone else out there reading this too.

So in light of the weekend fundraiser being done (see the blog posts below)and the drumming workshop working out wonderfully; I'm allowing my Monday off to give me some space for coasting through feeling a little blue.

Image from Cartoon Stock

Coasting allows me to take the pressure off for a bit before I jump into the next thing to plan and work out and see come to fruition. Coasting like this allows me to press into the wind that is moving all around me as I ride down the big hill, through the dip at the bottom of the hill and begin to gain momentum for the hill ahead.

I'm coasting away from the life draining things of the past week:

I struggled with scheduling and rescheduling work calenders, tried to motivate someone that did not want to be anywhere close to being motivated, muddled with some not so nice treatment of myself and a bad spot of worry and loss for a friend, and plugged my ears to the nagging voice of self-doubt.

Image from Childrens Picturebooks

I'm coasting down the hill remembering:

I love the laughter provided by my students in youth group, I voiced that the kids in my group are an extended family to me - Mi familia!
While baking cookies in large quantities can be a BIG job, the conversation and connection of the project was good, as well as showing me the areas we need to work on in the future.
Life is fuller with connected relationships living and breathing in it.
It's so cool when you have time in a place to see those relationships develop - and makes you wonder just where they will go in the future.
I'm heading up the hill of this next week saying: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.."

You can too!


Mel said...

I have that book--somewhere..... It might be a good plan to dig it out and steal that line "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....."

Thank you. I might have been coasting without knowledge--or maybe it's that trainwreck I'm headed for?

Now THAT could be!

Lamont said...

A little coasting through the crook of the hill is necessary so you can pedal for all your worth the rest of the ride...

I know you can!

Mary-LUE said...

I've coasted too much! I am very, very good at coasting. It is that uphill pedaling that I don't do well at.

And I have a lot of uphill pedaling to do over the next six weeks. Yikes!

(Hopefully now that Lent is over, I'll be a more regular commenter.)

(Oh yeah, I got the CD. I really enjoyed it!)