Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Music moves me

Painting by Angela Mcivor.

Over the past few days I've noticed a strange phenomenon. Maybe its a resurgence of spring fever or just my thirst for inspiration, but after two full days of April snowfall and then blessed sun coming out of hiding to melt that snow; I've been a music junkie of sorts.

It seems that when I turn on the radio, the songs hit me in my musical gut and insist that I sing, dance or both. This makes for interesting driving at times.

If you've heard me talk about music I love, you probably know I adore U2 and have since the early days of "Boy" and "War". Their newest album, just released in about a month ago, is called "No line on the horizon". One of the songs that compels me to dance and sing is Magnificent - and if you'd like to give it a listen just click on this link to TWTFM. Get ready to dance!

Another musical mood lifter that I stumbled across was the soundtrack for the award winning recent film, Slumdog Millionare.In fact I ended up working the instramental track, Mausam & Escape into my Good Friday Service.

See the video below for a treat for you ears.

Are you sometime surprised by how a melody can melt away the chill of a dark mood or the cold of a late spring snow storm? What music moves you - tell me about it.

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Mel said...

My Fair Lady... Go figure that's somehow found my brain already this morning..