Monday, May 04, 2009

Canadian Music Monday

My friend Linda is a great blogger and always finds the most interesting things online. She sent me a message this morning concerning Music Monday and I thought you all would enjoy learning about it.
Peggy was blogging that,
"in Canada the the first Monday of May each year is designated as Music Monday. It is an educational event organized within the schools across Canada - both primary and secondary. During that day, they take their music outside into the open air of their school grounds or into their communities, to perform a short concert. Many community and professional organizations and ensembles are also involved, along with musicians and artists across the country. It is a musical day.
The highlight of the day is at the same time across the country, i.e. 10 am Pacific time, 11 am Mountain time, 12 pm Central time, 1 pm Eastern time and 2 pm Atlantic time, and 2:30 in Newfoundland, everyone is united as they sing the same song. This year the designated piece of music is Sing Sing, by Serena Rider."

Here's the song that was choosen


Anonymous said...

I KNEW Peggy's blog would interest you! As for being a great blogger, thank you for the compliment. You do know that if it wasn't for you and Ian, I wouldn't be blogging at all. You two were my inspiration!

Lamont said...

Thank you Linda - what a great song.