Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rigatoni breakfast? Ah...breakfast then rigatoni

All eight students that are going to New Orleans for the ELCA Youth Gathering in July.

Libby and I served lots of smiles today.

Hannah was our greeter and money collector.

Phil, Libby and Heather were happy to serve. Really.

Nate and Scott are fearful that tossed salad will take over the world. Devious vegetables.

Lexi wants to go on the trip to New Orleans. We start them out fundraiser young in this youth group.

Heather and her coffee cart.

Becca helping to clean up - she still is smiling!

More food?

It was a long day.

But we had fun...

and we chipped away at the cost for the trip with our efforts.:)

Thanks for your help and support Jamestown - F.L.Y Youth loves you!


Mel said...

Yup--they look a tad weary, but worse for the experience.

What a really cool thing for them to be involved in.
Job well done!

I do hope the turnout was good.

Lamont said...

Thanks Mel -