Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Holy Conversations: Who is Jesus?

Holy Converstations questions for this week...
It's one thing to know a story, but quite another to tell one well. Have you ever heard a good storyteller? What are the qualities that make a good storyteller? Have you ever considered telling a Jesus story (in your own words and not quoting the Bible) to a friend? How do you think your friends would respond if you asked them - "Who is Jesus?" What story about Jesus is apt to catch their attention? Why? In what context would the telling of story be appropriate?

Good storytellers have the ability to draw the listener into the tale - to help the listener become a part of what is happening and who is in it. Last week I shared my version of "The Woman at the Well" because it is a story that is particularly powerful to me. The story expresses the importance of reconciliation, restoration, and paints the application of grace in a great way.

I think the stories if Jesus that we share with others first should be shown in the way we live in community with each other. The gospel needs to work and write - or rewrite - our lives first.

In regard to the stories we do share, we need to know the stories well. We need to know what happens, what they mean to us an be sensitive to ways to tell these fully digested pictures of Jesus life.

When asked the question "Who is Jesus?" I'd hope that my friends would say Jesus was a loving, caring, teacher that gave his life for humanity. I'd also hope that they could see traces of Jesus in me. The story of Jesus that I think would be the most drawing and attention getting is the story that makes Jesus come alive to them.

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