Monday, March 08, 2010

SWB: Walk/bake together

Let's all walk together so we can talk to one another. We walked together for a while.

I went on a walk today and happened to meet up with a neighbor friend of mine. There is space in the time that we walk together with our dogs in the early morning that allows for the best conversations. Today he told me that he's read that while walking is obviously good for your health, that recent studies have shown that when you walk with a partner (canine or human - or both) there is a part of the brain that is activated and stimulated that isn't when we walk alone. When I was thinking about our bread baking today, I was reminded of how important it is for me that WE walk together in our highs and lows, our joys and sorrows. I'm incredibly thankful to you who walk with me in this journey - and now I know the scientific reason why. It's is better to walk/bake life bread together than alone. It actually creates something new when we share it together.

As we share the bread of letting go and holding on, lets consider whats being created and connected as we share, walk and talk together for a while.

Here is a dreamy band, The Clientele, that expresses the importance of walking and talking together with the song - We could walk together.

We could walk together
In the jade and the coolness of the evening light
And watch the crowds serenely flow
Through carnivals of shop windows where elm trees sigh

The summer's heat is fading
And the clown on the golden lawn holds out his hand
And out there on the fading day
The members of a strange parade play sarabandes

Like a silver ring thrown into the flood of my heart
With the moon high above the motorway
I have searched for all your fragrance in the silent
Is that okay?

So why don't we stick together
With our eyes so full of evening and amphetamine
And watch the fools go rolling on through
Still fields as the darkness falls on England green

1 comment:

Mel said...

Ah-- So that's my problem.
I've taken to locking my lips and not bothering to walk and talk.....or even sit and talk....or talk period.

Perhaps a walk this evening....and a talk....

See, one can know and still not do.
The question remains--'so do you really 'know' if you don't 'do'....

Probably not, eh?

Blessings to you and yours, always.