Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little help please

Later this month,April 23-29, I will be attending the Princeton Institute of Youth Ministry at Princeton Seminary in New Jersey.

When I came across the information for this training, I was very excited as it is affordable in terms of continuing education opportunities and is much closer geographically to my home than many of the options I was considering.

There is one catch however in the final details of planning travel to get there in April. Due to registering later than earlier for this event, I will not be able to stay on campus for two of the nights of my stay and found it necessary to book a hotel. While my employer has graciously covered my tuition for this program, I find that I'm running a little short on some resources necessary during travel.

So quite honestly, I am asking you to consider supporting me in prayer and/or financially during my initial classes of April 23-29.

The specific prayer needs I have during this time are: traveling safety (my flight brings me to Philadelphia and I have to navigate to Princeton NJ); my mental comprehension (these are very intensive courses); and the peace to leave my family and my congregation for these few days.

Specific financial needs I have during this time are for expenses above and beyond the support I am receiving from my church: two nights in a hotel ($280.00); six meals ($120.00); and transportation between Princeton and the Philadelphia Airport ($60.00).


Thank you for any help you are willing to provide as I seek to learn and practice the best ministry for youth as possible. You may contact me via email or Facebook if you would like to make a commitment of prayer and support.

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