Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waiter I am not

I'm not a very good waiter. No, I don't mean the fella dressed in black with a crisp linen towel over his arm - but that probably wouldn't work for me either.

What I mean, is I'm no good at waiting for news, when said news involves the people I love. On Sunday afternoon, my Dad called to tell me he is having heart problems again. Thirteen years ago he had a serious heart attack, and now his aorta valve is not working properly.

So today he has a heart cath and later we will know when his valve replacement surgery will be. Most likely it will be late this week.

I wish I was with my Dad today. He lives a ways away, I work at a church and it's holy week - that is what I think the busiest time of the church calender and schedule. I have waves of - it's only a simple procedure today and waves of "Hey, this is my Dad we are talking about."

Later this week, I'm planning on singing this song for Good Friday service...and today these words seem to fit perfectly. In all times I need to remember that..."I can say that I am yours (G-d) and you (G-d) are mine."

It doesn’t take much
For my heart to break
And you have done it
For what’s seems the millionth time

Whenever I hear
Of your saving grace
And how you gave your life
In exchange for mine

Sometimes I wonder why you even love me
And why you ever chose to call me child
Then I remember
It’s by your sacrifice
I can say that
I am yours and you are mine

It doesn’t take much
For me to shed a tear
And you have done so many things
To make me cry
Whenever I think
Of all that I’ve done wrong
And everything that you have done
To make it right

It doesn’t take much
For my heart to break
And you have done it
For what’s seems the millionth time


Anonymous said...

Your dad (and you) are in my thoughts and prayers, Tara. I know what you are going through. My dad had a heart cath done, and I couldn't be at the hospital with him either. I had to wait patiently (yeah right) at home and wait for the news.

Mel said...

Oh gosh--what a hard wait....

(((((((( Tara )))))))))

And what awesome lyrics to remind you (me).

*sending prayers and peacefilled thoughts*

Lamont said...

Dad's surgery to replace the aorta valve is Wed. April 7th. In addition to the valve surgery, he will also need a 3-4 bypass.

I covet your prayers on his behalf.

Mel said...

Well he doesn't so anything in small measures, does he....

((((((((((( Lamont ))))))))))

*more prayers and peacefilled thoughts*

And I've marked it on the calendar.

Take care of you, eh?

Lamont said...

Mel -
Thanks for the hugs. I needed that.

Anonymous said...

The 7th is getting closer; thinking of you, Tara.

Lamont said...

Thank you Linda for the support - I think I will be heading down tonight to be with my Dad and Mom. Heather will go with me too. I think it's important for her to have this time with them.