Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Daze of days meme

Pictures have a way of showing how much, and how quickly children can grow, don't they?

Did you know that calendar's can shout - "This week is important?"
This week, my calendar is bursting with a outpouring and fusion of special days. How about you?

1., 2., 3. Labor Day with a family picnic and grad party for Heather who begins college on Friday, 4., 5. the first day of school for Nigel as a high-school freshman and my Mom's 71st birthday on Tuesday, 6., 7., 8. several weddings on Saturday of friends and previous youth group members who are now all grown up as well as a major fundraiser for Infinity Performing Arts and 9., 10. going back to the fall church schedule with Sunday's Rally day in the works and remembering the folks influenced by the actions of September 11th 2001 through this week's remembrance of that day.

Movement and change are always a part of our days, but some days a weeks seem to be brimming with it. It's always interesting to hear how people mark these kinds of days and how they work through the transition they represent.

How do the turning of days impact you and yours?
What are the days of change have been the most impacting or meaningful in your memory?
Where has the act of remembering helped to navigate the reality of the present and future?

Please share your meme responses in the comment section by clicking the comment tab, I'd love to hear about your changing days too!

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