Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor's day surprise

I'm very much looking forward to this Labor Day. Each year we have a slam dunk of a picnic at my mother-in-laws home, and this year is no different except that we are also plotting a surprise celebration my our daughter's graduation from high school.
The decorations are gathered, the special photo cake is ordered, and some special guests are ready for the party to begin!

Heather is heading the college later this week, so we wanted a chance to have cake, balloons and an honest surprise before summer's end. Here's to hoping the surprise works out well!

You're life is all ahead of you Heb - soak it all in, shake off what dosent' suit you and be yourself. You are beautiful and bright - inside and out!

We love you.
Mom and Dad

PS. The surprise worked! Thanks to everyone who helped make this Labor Day/Grad Party great!

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