Friday, September 09, 2011

Grow where you are planted

On my way to work this morning, I was sitting at a red light and saw something quite unusual growing in the front lawn of a city apartment building. People usually beautify their yards and homes with flowers, climbing vines and gnome sculptures - but not the town I live. This home's small front yard was filled with rows of corn! The stalks were at least six feet high and filled with growing stalks of eating corn.

As the reality of this front-yard bumper crop made it's way into my view and mind I was reminded of the saying, "Bloom where you are planted!"
Image found at Rachel's Blog.
Years ago I had this quote on a Mary Engelbreit calender. I loved the quirky, colorful way Ms. Engelbreit encouraged the viewer to stand and thrive where they were placed.

There are a few things I think people need in order to "bloom where they are planted." Obviously they need food, water, shelter and health care. But in addition to these things I think people also need: the space to be their true selves, a community (even two or three folks) to encourage and support their growth and development, and a way for each individual to use their gifts to give back to the community they are abiding in.

For a little while now, I've been caught up in a grass is greener point of view. In light of this, it's been difficult to allow my roots to run deep. I think part of the challenge is that I often have the feeling of not fitting in where I am; but when I looked at that corn garden I realized I'm probably not alone in that feeling.

Even though that small field of corn does not "fit" in, in the midst of my small city; it still was thriving where it was planted. The point of all this might just be that blooming where you are planted has more to do with keeping focused on growing, instead of where you happen to be growing. There is a great deal to learn from this unexpected city corn garden.

This garden has reminded me about an important key to finding happiness, holding on to resilience and growing where you are planted:

1. Be your true self, 2. Gather people around you that support growth of the authentic self, 3. and use your unique gifts to then build into the authentic selves of those you come into contact with - wherever you may be!

Be like this corn field in the city, stand tall and let your blooming presence be an encouragement to those who just happen to passing by.Your presence, gifts, and faithfulness are greatly needed in the human needs of harvest for a full and true life!

Image found at Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage blog.

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