Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Song request savvy: What song should I sing?

This past Saturday evening, I had a great opportunity to play a music set for the 7th Annual Music Showcase to benefit Infinity Visual and Performing Arts Program in Jamestown NY. I had a great time playing some original and cover tunes, but I'm always on the trail of some new or old tunes to add to the set sheet.
After the show, I asked some friends if they would be so kind to give me some song titles they'ed love to hear me sing sometime. I received some great suggestions: Everyday is Sunday by Morrisey, Fastcar/Breakeven by Collie Callait, Suzanne Vega's "Small Blue thing" and an artist who is new to me - Adele with the song "Someone like you".

It's wonderful to be introduced to a vocalist of such unique and great quality, and an even bigger compliment that I should cover something so fine.

To hear a recent demo to my song "Home", click here. If you like what you hear there, visit my music page to hear some more. If you have a suggestion on what you'd like to hear me sing, please post your selections in the comment section below. Cheers!

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