Sunday, September 11, 2011

Use your hands

Original photo taken by Mencer Photography.

Two dear friends of my husband and I got married recently. They are a wonderful couple and I've been really excited to attend and take part in the celebration. What makes this day even more exciting, is that I've been invited to sing and play one of my songs for their reception. It's an honor for me to give something so personal to friends so dear to my heart.

However, it's always challenging to know what to give to newlyweds. This couple have their household already set up, so I don't think they need towels or dishes. I knew that this dear couple probably considered my gift of song to be their wedding gift; but I still wanted to do something more for them.

Later on, I asked my son's opinion on what card (funny or sentimental) to choose for them and he said, "You know, I really think they would like something that you made them instead." How is it that in the midst of giving a song, I'd overlooked the obvious choice of making them a gift?

My teenage son is very clever, so I took his words as a directive. I looked for the perfect periwinkle beaded photo frame, scanned through some photos of the couple and began working on a pencil sketch combining the song lyric I'd written and sketched an adaptation of the photo that another friend had taken ( of the couple several months before.

Here is a photo of the finished pencil sketch of my friends that I placed in a pretty beaded frame. I think they are going to like it!

The gifts we are given are the tools of creativity. The work accomplished with these God given talents are needed in the world. We only need to remember that when we have the opportunity to use these gifts - we need to use our hands.

Gifts like this are needed for weddings, funerals, and even in the commonness of a nondescript Tuesday afternoon. Maybe creativity is especially needed in the midst of the every day?

There is joy in giving our gifts to others: to celebrate, to remember and to bless.
It's my hope that my choice to use my hands will help my friend celebrate their wedding day and each day. Creativity helps all of us remember the power of love and to know what a blessing our lives can be - if we choose to use our hands.

Ideas to ponder:
What are some ways you can use your gifts to bless others? How does living to use your hands make a difference in your corner of the world?

PS.Please tell me about them in the comment section provided. Thanks!

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