Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanks for the memories

Recently, I received a email from my cousin Adriane that contained an old family photo.

In this photo, (from left to right) is my sister Heather (14), me (age 10), and Adriane (3-4). This photo was taken in May at my Grandpap and Grandma's home in Irwin, PA. At the time this photo was taken, I was and probably getting excited to head to Burton Ohio for summer camp in July. My sister. Heather, was 14 here. There is a great deal of emotion tied to this photo, as the summer of 1981 was the last full summer of her life. She passed away from heart problems the following summer after years of struggling with her health.

While the context and story behind this photo are bittersweet (this is possibly the last photo of my sister and I together), the beauty of finding it after all these years makes me so thankful. Thankful for Aunts who save old photos, cousins who scan and send them in emails and the love of my family. This photo has jogged my memory and helped me to recall a very happy and pivotal time in my childhood.

Have you ever "found" or were "found by" a photo that jogged your memory? Were you thankful for the returning memories? How did remembering effect you? How does the attitude of thankfulness effect all aspects of you life?

1 Chronicles 16: 34
34 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.

Dear Creator - Help us to hold on to an attitude of thankfulness in all things. Your love overflows into our live in so many ways. Please help us to take notice of these things found in time capsules and everyday life!


Mel said...

I don't know how I'd feel if a photo were to be stumbled upon.

Grateful, I'm sure--given that the ones that I know of were destroyed in fire.

Wow--consider yourself graced, which I'm certain you do.

Tara Lamont said...

This photo means a great deal to me. I'm very thankful to have it found and shared.